Sunday, July 13, 2008


c.h.i.n.a. 中国
come here. i need affection. 来这 我需要爱

k.o.r.e.a. 韩国
keep optimistic regardless of every adversity. 虽然事与愿违保持乐观

h.o.l.l.a.n.d 荷兰
hope our love lasts and never dies. 希望我们的爱永恒不变

i.t.a.l.y. 意大利
I trust and love you. 我相信你和爱你

l.i.b.y.a. 利比亚
love is beautiful; you also. 爱是美丽的 你也是

f.r.a.n.c.e. 法兰西
friendships remain and never can end.友谊永固

b.u.r.m.a. 缅甸
between us, remember me always. 我们之间,常常记得我

n.e.p.a.l. 尼泊尔
never ever part as lovers. 像情人一样永不分开

i.n.d.i.a. 印度
i nearly died in adoration. 我差点在狂爱中死去

k.e.n.y.a 肯尼亚
keep everything nice, yet arousing. 全部东西保养好来保持趣味

C.a.n.a.t.d.i.a 加拿大
cute and naughty action that developed into attraction 可爱和顽皮的动作造成吸引力

e.g.y.p.t. 埃及
everythings great, you pretty thing!! 十全十美,你这漂亮的东西

m.a.n.i.l.a. 马尼拉
may all nights inspire love always. 漫漫长夜时时刻刻感到爱

p.e.r.u. 秘鲁
phorget (forget) everyone...remember us. 忘记全部人记得我们

t.h.a.i.l.a.n.d. 泰国
totally happy. always in love and never dull. 完全快乐时时刻刻蜜运中


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