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some games and puzzles.
A site with A level exercises in French and German 
Year 8 French worksheets - Métro 2 p32 – qu'est-ce qu'on pourrait faire ce soir – 3 minute starter activity. bitesize
excellent for general revision  - tenses Millionaire game
Quia Exercises: (classes need use of Internet)
Top 10 resources
1.Harry Potter
2. Quia Challenge Board
3. Classroom Objects flipchart
4. GCSE roleplay
5. French verbs blockbusters     
6. Hauser powerpoint 
7. Blockbusters Les Vêtements
8. German Wie spat ist es
9. La television fran?aise
10. Une ecole en France
? "A tense Business": Who wants to be a millionaire style game to practice tenses in French
? Ordered List: conversation in French clothes shop which must be correctly reordered
? Challenge Board: numbers and time in French
? Classroom Objects in French: matching pictures to words
? Harry Potter à l'école des sorcières cloze exercise
? Hangman: les salles dans la maison
? La famille de Bart Simpson pop up quiz
? Little words for GCSE column matching exercise
? L'environnement matching exercise
Try it out for all levels of French, German and Spanish - subscription - worksheets and quiz

generators  - double jeopardy game – free download - see Higher section – how to structure a good essay  - French songs and videos – French children's site with masses of

activities – games, cooking, etc.  Loads of stuff!
useful for KS2/3
look at 'Steps' excellent for KS3 and particularly listening activities for KS4
excellent  site for KS3/4 – including grammar, interactive exercises and hot potatoes exercises
view newsprogrammes and newsarticles live
Revision of GCSE and A Level French, German and Spanish plus many links
make your own puzzles, wordsearches, gapped texts, etc.
GCSE and A Level revision
Helpful for GCSE revision e.g. conversation practice
Phrases, exercises, etc.
Links to Logo/Métro chapters
tips for coursework GCSE and A Level    WJEC – worksheets to download for speaking activities online version of the magazine (subscription needed) – go to general website and follow links to Leeds website lyrics for  pop songs in all languages lyrics for  pop songs in all languages Powerpoints to download in all languages (see separate section)  - French pronunciation
Useful French site
French sites and activities songs,games,recipes,etc for all French learning with a character called Roller - all the French info you could want about Harry Potter- Id card, spells,

teacher profiles, excellent for vocab official Tintin site official Asterix site virtual Santa site- ideal for writing letters! informative site on Asterix.Lots of games songs and nursery rhymes to downloadand listen to on Media Player
French KS4 past papers, vocab matching, etc to buy on CDrom excellent whiteboard activities,vocab,etc subscription needed during school hours but free after

4pm every day for teachers to use
French KS5  - 6TH FORM TOPIC

WEBLINKS – Au point
French newspapers regional paper for Brittany Ile de la Reunion paper
Research sites INSEE website- info on all stats for France offical French Foreign Ministry site –good for data and facts excellent research engine for all aspects of French culture eng.html – created by the Press office of the French Embassy in Canada general cultural info
Topic-based sites local info on Bordeaux Brittany-culture and current affairs guide to Monet's house and paintings plane tickets and timetables travel info on Paris Futuroscope site online shopping website to accompany the video Extra
Grammar Sites -  all grammar all activities and vocab relating to the chapters of Au Point for AS/A2 articles recorded for listening practice and gapfill exercises on

texts. Also has a text archive on all AS A2 topics French Express video site



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