Friday, October 31, 2008

Microsoft Image Composite Editor v1.1r1

      微软发布了Image Composite Editor的1.1r1版本,一项支持 Windows Live Photo Gallery 实现全景照片缝合的核心技术.加速的方向调整图形处理工具.照片自动缝合软件有时无法准确的分辨照片的查看方向,或者你想选择使用直线投影技术或圆柱投影技术. 这个工具现在都可提供相应的修改设置选项.

     支持360度全方位叠加功能. 我们的 Poisson 叠加技术可迅速实现完美地 360 度照片缝合.
     输出到 Photoshop 层.
     创建 支持 Silverlight 技术的 360 度深度缩放网页预览页面.
     整合 Windows 框架和新版本Windows Live 照片库以实现迅速的启动速度.

Latest Changes:
Fixed a bug that could cause the program to crash the second time it was run if there were non-English characters in the file paths of source our exported panoramas. (The "Options.xml" bug.)
Fixed a bug that allows more TIFF files to be properly opened
Changed autocrop to recognize 360 panos and provide a better crop rectangle in those cases
Removed Automatic from the Projection menu
Proper output of Silverlight 2 RTM Deep Zoom
Fixed a bug that could cause one input image to be dropped from a panorama seemingly at random
Added integration with the next version of Windows Live Photo Gallery



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