Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Is Everything

        The winter cold hung in the air like a frozen dinosaur trying to thaw from his glacier and walk across the earth. Breath iced like a tiny morning mist upon a meandering river. The sounds of the city rising and spilling into silence as the night began to claim its citizens for sleep.

        Blowing on gloved hands that seemed to have little effect on cold hands that ached with chill. Long hours hanging pressed clothes, pulling tickets and ringing up the customers. The last of the packaged hot chocolate gone and only the longing need for home and a pot pie to warm her.

        It was payday and she cashed her check. Two Santas and one Salvation Army captain and she was minus ten dollars but what did it matter? She had a place to sleep, something decent to eat, and she had Drew.

        Drew with his kindness, his caring and his humor to lighten her day. Thanksgiving was nigh and they were collecting early for the hungry and the children that would have no Christmas without them. She was so much more lucky than most of them but perhaps not as lucky as those that scurried in the Wednesday night sleet, shopping early before the pickings became slim. Life was not always easy but sometimes it could always be safe.

        She had Drew, and Smat, the ugly little terrier that nobody wanted. She had comfort and warmth in the apartment. She had dinner for tomorrow thawing in the small turkey and the little Thanksgiving bonus from her boss.

        But most of all, she had love. It was the most important of all.









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