Tuesday, October 21, 2008


系    department; faculty
学院  institute
大学  university
外语系  department of foreign languages
中文系  department of Chinese languages and literature
数学系  department of mathematics
物理系  department of physics
化学系  department of chemistry
生物系  department of biology
天文系  department of astronomy
生化系  department of biochemistry
心理学系  department of psychology
建筑工程系  department of architecture and civil engineering
化工机械系  department of chemical mechanics engineering 
机械工程系  department of mechanical engineering
精密仪器系  department of precision instrument
热能工程系  department of thermal engineering
汽车工程系  department of automotive engineering
电力工程系  department of electric power engineering
水利工程系  department of hydraulic engineering
计算机工程与科学系  department of computer engineering and science
无线电电子学系  department of radio-electronics
光电子学系  department of photoelectronics
工程物理系  department of phycics engineering
地球物理学系  department of geophysics
化学工程系  department of  chemical engineering
高分子系  department of polymer science
自动化系  department of automation
经济管理系  department of economic management
新闻系  department of journalism
哲学系  department of philosophy
法律系  department of law
政治教育系  department of political education
图书馆学系  department of liberal science
体育系  department of physical education
植物系  department of botany
园艺系  department of horticulture
畜牧系  department of animal husbandry
兽医系  department of veterinary medicine
医学系  department of basic medical science
药学系  department of pharmacy
理工大学  university of science and engineering
科技大学  university of science and technology
工业大学  polytechnic university
师范大学  normal university
外国语大学  Foreign Studies University
农业大学  agricultural univeristy
医科大学  medical university
军医大学  army medical college
外语学院  institute of foreign languages
民族学院  institute of nationalities
语言学院  languages institute
商学院  institute of commerce
美术学院  academy of fine arts
音乐学院  conservatory of music
工业学院  engineering instiute
理工学院  institute of technology
化工学院  chemical engineering institute
农学院  agricultural college
林学院  forestry institute
中医学院  institute of traditional Chinese medicine
海运学院  mercantile marine institute
钢铁学院  iron and steel engineering institute
石油学院  petroleum institute
地质学院  geological institute
矿业学院  institute of mining technology
矿冶学院  institute of mining metallurgy
航空学院  aeronautical engineering institute
政法学院  institute of political science and law
经济学院  institute of economics
广播学院  radio broadcasting institute
外交学院  institute of diplomacy
国际关系学院  institute of international relations
外贸学院  institute of foreign trade
体育学院  physical culture institute
工艺学院  institute of arts and crafts
电影学院  cinema institute
戏剧学院  drama institute
舞蹈学院  dancing college
邮电学院  institute of posts and telecommunications
纺织工学院  textile engineering institute
纺织机械学院  textile machinery college
建筑工程学院  architectural engineering institute
电讯工程学院  telecommunications engineering institute
铁道学院  railway institute
水产学院  marine production institute
船舶学院  shipping institute
公路学校  highway institute
水电学院  institute of water conservancy and electric power
畜牧兽医学院  institute of animal husbandry veterinary

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